Cinematographer: Michelle Siu

Winner ARRI Cinematography Challenge at Watersprite Film Festival 

Director & Writer: Michelle Siu

Winner amongst UK film schools in the NAHEMI KODAK Commercials Competition: Best Overall film, Best in Cinematography & Best in Brief: Harvey Nicols.

Director & Cinematographer: Michelle Siu

Experimental Short In Partnership with Shakespeare's Globe & Anglia Ruskin University

Cinematographer: Michelle Siu

The Scientist documentary- Directed By: Taylor Gorske 

Multimedia Film & Photography Project Commissioned By The Globe and Mail: Paving a New Road in Rap

Cinematographer, Writer & Photographer: Michelle Siu

Best Arts & Culture Storytelling & Photo Story-  Digital Publishing Award Winners 2020

Director & Cinematographer: Michelle Siu

Poetic short featured in the NAHEMI Showcase at Aesthetica Short Film Festival

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